The various facilities and amenities along with the details of assistive devices and barrier free accessibility provided to the persons with disability in CMRL Admin building and at Metro stations are mentioned below along with photographs.

(a) Street Level of Metro Stations

1. Provision of Entry ramps with slope as per CPWD/NBC norms, connecting from street level to the footpath level and to the podium level

2.Provision of Dedicated parking space at street level of Metro Stations

(b) Concourse level of Metro Stations:

1.Provision of Customised Toilets for Physically challenged person at Metro Stations

2.Provision of wheel chairs and stretchers at Station Control Room of Metro Stations

(c) Platform level of Metro Stations:

1.Provision of Dedicated seating arrangement at platform level of Metro Stations with grab rails

2.Provision of Signages at Platform level for boarding of Metro Station for differently abled passengers

(d) General:

1.Provision of Tactile tile for visually challenged person from station entry at street level to concourse and ultimately to platform level

2.Provision of Lifts from street to concourse and from concourse to platform level for Physically Disabled Persons

3.To provide an easy access for entry/exit of Physically Challenged Persons, Train entry doors and platforms of Metro Station are at same level, with a gap between the car doors and the platform less than 12 mm

4.Provision of Chime and Audio indication during the arrival/departure of trains inside the Metro stations

5.Provision of Signage’s at appropriate locations at Metro Stations

6.Installation of Computer based public announcement system at Metro Stations

7.Provision of grooving at staircases at Metro Stations

8.Provision of Lift Panels at Lower height for easy access for the Physically Challenged Persons

(e) Concourse level of Metro Stations:

1)Installation of Voice guidance in Ticket Vending Machines at all Metro Stations

2)Provision of Dedicated wide AFC gates for easy access of wheel chair at Metro Stations

(f) On-board Trains:

1.Identification signage on the door for easy accessibility of wheelchair

2.Provision of Longstop buttons inside trains for Physically Challenged Persons

3.Provision of Dedicated space for keeping wheel chair inside trains

(g) General:

1.Installation of Braille system and provision of handrails inside lifts of Metro Stations